Sportsbook Complaint

A member contacted us with a detailed complaint on a sportsbook. After we were informed, we successfully helped the member with his concern.

***** OSGA Member Feedback *****


Feedback Notes:

A member contacted us with a detailed complaint on a sportsbook. He was unable to make a withdrawal because of a problem with his bonus rollover. He followed the proper steps by filling out our complaint form. Shortly after reviewing all the information, we contact the sportsbook with the member's concern.


Outcome of Situation/Reason for Feedback:

After we heard back from the sportsbook we contacted the member explaining to him that the sportsbook took another look at his account. With our urging, they removed his bonus as he had never used it. The sportsbook assured us that everything is good with the member's account and he would have no trouble making a withdraw.


Member Feedback:

That really made my day Jim. I’ve been sweating out this payment for a while. I believe with your help they put this payout through. Thanks again!



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