Sportsbook Complaint

A member contacted us with a complaint on a sportsbook.

***** OSGA Member Feedback *****


Feedback Notes:

A member contacted us with a complaint on a sportsbook which he requested our help in resolving. He wanted a payout through a wire transfer to his checking account but was having difficulty getting this accomplished. He also informed us that he made numerous calls to the sportsbook and got nowhere.


Outcome of Situation/Reason for Feedback:

After we heard back from the sportsbook they explained that the member’s payout was included in a batching error and he should have or will be receiving his payout shortly. 


Member Feedback:

My account problems are all resolved in a satisfactory way. We're all good, they finally paid me. Thank you very much for your support.

I really appreciate it. I will recommend you guys to anyone I know who gets in a similar situation thank you again.


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