Complaint with a Check

A member contacted us to assist him in receiving a payout via check, as he was promised.

***** OSGA Member Feedback *****


Feedback Notes:

A member contacted us to assist him in receiving a payout via check as the sportsbook advertises on their website. The sportsbook told the member they could not send him one because they do not have check payouts. The member was surprised to hear this because their website clearly states that they "payout quickly by courier check".


Outcome of Situation/Reason for Feedback:

We heard back from the sportsbook very quickly and got back to the member right away, as he already had to wait a few days. We informed the member that we had good news. The sportsbook has a very limited check processor that came online recently that they use in certain situations. We urged the book to look at this case and they were happy to oblige the client for us.


Member Feedback:

I received my check on Feb. 1st. I deposited the check into my checking account and let it sit there for two weeks to see if it had cleared. I took out the money on Feb 16th.  I have not heard of any problem from my bank with the check not clearing as of March 4th.Therefore, everything went great. I do not think I would have gotten a check without the help of OSGA, so thank you for helping me resolve this issue and getting my cash!


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